Techdoc Ltd. has been among the leading DTP studios focusing on technical literature in Slovakia ever since it was founded in 1991. Both the company's management and operating staff have a proven track record, built on long term cooperation with a wide network of importers, primarily within the automotive industry. A sophisticated cycle of operations and a comprehensive database allow the company to react effectively and flexibly to the customer's specific requirements. The volume of production covers a wide variety of publications, from creative literature, to cartography, to owners manuals ready for the final customer. The company's technical equipment provides workflow fluency, resulting in definitive output according to the client's requirements. The creative atmosphere has a positive influence on both employees and executing services.
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To maximise the efficiency of workflow and product cost, Techdoc offer an optimized solution, including translation, graphics processing, text layout, printing, binding and delivery, all exactly according to your demands.

The high-class technical, publishing and graphic services offered are all implemented at extremely competitive prices.
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