Riešenie na kľúč Preklad + Výroba + Dodávka

Optimal solution for the preparation of technical documents for localization of products, the order is a comprehensive solution that includes ...
  • Translation of original text
  • Text wrapping in accordance with the original artwork, graphics creation and insertion of
  • Printing and delivery of the ordered number of publications
Preklady - angličtina. nemčina, francúzština, čeština, ...


We provide translations focused on information technology, office equipment, machinery, electronics, automotive and telecommunications. Next
Lokalizácia programových prostriedkov, webových stránok, ...


Localization is the process of adapting software, websites, user manuals etc. for the region or language, while adding specific components without changing the actual content. Next
Grafická úprava dokumentov

DTP (layout documents)

Indispensable part of any publication is also the visual aspect. Our DTP offices process each document type on both Mac and Windows platforms. Next
Príprava a výroba grafických objektov pre publikácie a web

Graphic studio

The technical documentation manuals is sometimes necessary to make pictures. Our designers create the necessary images manufacturing according to the original or create they will create new ones. Next
Preklad titulkov ku videomateriálom


We offer subtitles where it is necessary to translate the subtitles to the video file, which takes place in foreign languages. It's a case where the discussion leads to or prepared instructional video in a foreign language. Next

Audio re-write

If you need to replace a sound basis for the movies that are recorded in a foreign language, we provide for the possibility of translation and verbal text will be recorded by professional moderators in a professional recording studio. Next

Complete Solution

Most advantageous solution when the customer needs to develop a manual, guide or legal document (Declaration of Agreement) for your product. Customers give us the foreign language document and you will get back the document translated and modified. Next
Looking for help in creating a localized version of the original manual? We offer complete preparation of foreign literature in a way where we just send the original file in English, German, French (the scanned document or PDF) or the original publication, and we'll deliver localized versions of the finished goods. Next
The terminology When translation is necessary to maintain an extensive database of technical terms from various fields. For this purpose, our company uses the terminology server that an external translator can logg into and also registered customers. Next
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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