Technical Literature Translation

Techdoc is a publisher of technical literature, which provides translation,
video and other services related to technical literature.
  • Translation activity - translation, graphic design and layout of the text.
  • Individual adjustment of prints - manuals, instructions for use.
  • Printing, binding and imports according to your requirements
  • Production of video content for the comprehensive manuals and web pages.
  • Subtitling and audio sound video material.
Techdoc was created as one of the first Slovak companies to focus on the production of technical literature. It is run by experienced managers, staffed by professional personnel and works in close cooperation with a wide network of clients (many based in the automotive industry).more

Our team offers

Our company provides translations of (and production of) manuals, technical documentation, and a comprehensive solution that includes translation, graphic and text processing, as well as printing, binding and facilities to import exactly according to customer requirements.more


Modern and powerful graphics and text in all known formats will improve zour chances of winning contracts. In our work we use modern software on Mac, PC, and Linux. We can implement data transfer through our own FTP server and ...more


We offer technical, translation, graphics and publishing services at very competitive prices.more